We assist boards and senior management in solving business challenges that threaten the health or viability of the overall enterprise. Because the issues affecting individual clients vary substantially, our service approach is not a “one size fits all” model. Instead, we tailor our analytical process to the specific needs and priorities of each organization by devoting substantial up-front focus on issue definition and framing.

We frame and diagnose current and emerging issues, develop a plan for resolution, and then lead implementation of the required change with objectivity, creativity, and integrity. Our methodology is rigorous and evidence based, with clear objectives, deliverables, and timelines. This is essential, as it helps engender confidence for the course of action ultimately chosen.

We also use a collaborative style, frequently integrating select client staff into the project team. There are many benefits to this approach. It balances external objectivity and expertise with internal knowledge. It provides a structured opportunity for professional development and mentoring of star client-side professionals. Costs can be lower than the typical consulting pyramid, and best of all, this creates embedded value, in that the client fully owns solutions.